Woody Allen 'Midnight in Paris' interviewAlthough he's constantly surrounded by Hollywood's most beautiful women (think Rachel McAdams, Penelope Cruz, Scarlett Johansson) Woody Allen finds it difficult to actually speak to them. While promoting his latest flick, 'Midnight in Paris,' at the Cannes festival, Allen got candid with W magazine about his seemingly high school nerdom insecurities.

"Casting is so awkward," he said. "I'm too shy to meet them. I have the women come in and I don't let them sit down. I make up some questions, but I couldn't care less about chatting. I only see them to make sure that they haven't gained 200 pounds or had five face jobs. I want to see that the woman I saw on the DVD is still intact."

McAdams, who is still very much "intact," stars in Allen's newest flick but she's not the only one who has the famed director dreaming about the polygamous life.