Damage control is underway for Lars von Trier. The Danish director of Kirsten Dunst's latest film made incendiary remarks in Cannes claiming to "sympathize" with Hitler, which got him swiftly banned from the film festival.

Now, while von Trier seems to be loving his new status as bad-boy of the fest, he also insists, "I'm not Mel Gibson."

As it happens, a rant-free Gibson popped up in Cannes this week, making a red carpet comeback to promote 'The Beaver.'

At a roundtable interview on Thursday, von Trier said: "If any of you would like to hit me, you're perfectly welcome. I must warn you that I might enjoy it." He then reacted to news that Cannes wanted him gone. "I'm very proud of being 'persona non grata,'" he explained. "I've never been that before in my life, and that suits me extremely well."