Justin Timberlake gave a strong performance hosting the 'Saturday Night Live' season finale this weekend, especially when he reunited with Andy Samberg for a new spoof music video.

Featuring cameos by Susan Sarandon and Patricia Clarkson (from the 2009 Timberlake-Samberg duet 'Motherlover'), the new track is the best buddies' funky-fresh ode to the joys of getting freaky in a ménage à trois with a hot girl -- played by 'SNL' musical guest Lady Gaga!

Don't miss when the camera cuts to Gaga as Chrissy Snow of 'Three's Company.' The pop star held her own, adding musical and comedy support while the ridiculously stuck-in-the-'80s duo sang about their profound dating philosophy: it's not gay to get in bed together, as long as there's "a honey in the middle."

If you missed it, here's the latest 'SNL' Digital Short, brought to you by the number three: