Cheryl Cole and Derek HoughNewly selected 'X-Factor' judge Cheryl Cole has reportedly been asked to dump her boyfriend of one year, 'Dancing with the Stars' pro Derek Hough, so that so she can create a better image for herself.

The Mirror is reporting that Fox executives are trying to raise the profile of the relatively unknown British singer and TV star and they have bluntly asked her to break ties with Hough.

One source thinks breaking up with Hough may be the right decision for Cole. "Derek may be dreaming of worldwide stardom but he's seen as a small-time dancer on a TV show... and pretty uncool. TV executives are thinking that if she's going to win over Hollywood, she'd be better off doing it as a sassy and single girl-about-town."

The source continues, "Show producers have told her that being single would do wonders for her image. And there would be no shortage of guys in LA lining up to go on a date with Cheryl."