dancing with the stars finale marriagePop-Ed: I try to be a good wife. I really do. Marriage can be challenging -- it's a lot like learning the dance called the quickstep, in which two people try to look like they're effortlessly gliding across a floor when in fact they're gasping, thrashing and kicking each other near the groin -- but I've always believed if you work hard, and pay attention, you just might pull the thing off.

Being a good wife, I do try to pay attention to my partner, so one Monday night, after our weekly viewing of 'Dancing With the Stars' (our favorite show -- I like the waltzes, my husband likes the Latin dances), I was all ears when my husband said, sighing, "Man, I wish I could tango. If I could learn any dance at all it would be the tango."

And so it came, the drop of a great mirrored ball into my consciousness, filling it with light. In two weeks it would be my husband's birthday. If I was going to be any sort of wife at all, I had to get my husband a tango lesson.