The incredibly shrinking Kirstie Alley will step into an altered version of her opening-episode dress on the 'Dancing With the Stars' finale Tuesday. How altered? The costume had to be taken in 38 inches since the last time she wore it to Cha-Cha-Cha to Cee Lo's 'Forget You.'

On Monday's episode, the fan favorite flaunted her new figure in a skin-tight catsuit that showed off the enormity of her weight loss. But just how much she's shed is still a mystery.

"There will be some reveal of that at some point, but I really didn't care," she told the AP. "As long as I kept changing and changing and changing, I really didn't care. It was like, keep whittling, whittling, whittling. And the other thing that's really more significant to me - I mean, I love the whittling, I like being skinny - I'm really strong and really agile and it gave me a new life."

In early March Alley told Us Weekly that she had lost 60 pounds on her current diet and wanted to shed another 30 or 40 on 'DWTS.'