Kelly Clarkson watches a lot of reality television, as anyone who has seen her Facebook page can attest. "I am a reality show junkie -- you name it, I watch it!" she tells PopEater in an email exchange. That "addiction" includes -- surprisingly -- the show she conquered 10 years ago that has gone on to be a worldwide phenomenon and a launching pad for Billboard-topping talent such as ... herself.

"I do still watch 'Idol,' more this season than any other," she said. "I totally love Lauren [Alaina] ... I just love when you can see someone sing through their 'person' and you can just feel it -- she has so much beauty that comes through with her singing."

Clarkson also says she's hyped for Simon Cowell's new project, 'The X Factor,' debuting on FOX this fall.

"I love all of those talent shows and think they are great for the whole industry, because they are all about the music and the voice," she writes, adding, "Everything it should be about."