Lady GagaLady Gaga continued her shock-and-awe 'Born This Way' promotional campaign with an appearance on 'The Late Show With David Letterman' on Monday night during which the pop star grabbed Letterman's script and ate it in front of him.

During the 15 unpredictable minutes of back-and-forth, Letterman asked the eccentric artist if it was true that she once ate a Barbie doll's head on stage, to which the singer insisted that she did it "all the time" and proceeded to grab Letterman's production notes, crumpling up the script and stuffing it in her mouth.

She chewed on the paper in front of the concerned host before spitting it out behind her chair.

Gaga talked to the talk-show host about more of her outrageous stage antics and crazy persona, including the infamous egg in which she was carried into the 2011 Grammy Awards.