Taylor Swift's music video for 'Story of Us' tells the tale of an uncomfortable run-in with an ex, but in reality the singer and her crew found themselves in the middle of a downright scary situation of their own.

According to MTV, Swift was shooting scenes for the video at Vanderbilt University, located near her home in Nashville, Tenn. But filming was interrupted due to a weather emergency -- something people in the Midwest and South unfortunately know all about.

"There were a few complications. This was actually when a bunch of tornadoes were hitting Nashville,' Swift said about filming the video. "We had to hide. All of us, we had to hide in a room where there were no windows, so that was a little bit crazy."

The recent tornado tragedies across many states hit close to home for Swift, who took the stage last weekend for a benefit concert. According to E! Online, the singer turned what was technically the final dress rehearsal for her 'Speak Now' tour in Nashville into an event to help those affected by the recent tornado devastation in the South.