Earlier this week, reality TV star Kim Kardashian announced her engagement to NBA pro Kris Humphries--and while her sisters were super excited, it seems her little brother, Rob, just doesn't think a wedding will actually happen.

"I just don't feel confident because Kim has always been so like, you know, she's, how old? She's just been through a lot of relationships and she always gets hurt or never finds the right dude, but Kris is a really good dude," he said to radio hosts Kidd Kraddick and Hyla on the Hollywood 5. "They've had their own personal, private relationship a long time now and I feel like they are a really good match for each other."

Rob also described the scene when Kim told the family she was engaged. We were having a family dinner and we didn't know what it was for, we just thought everyone was in town, we were at my mom's," he said. "She had a ring on and we didn't believe her and we thought it was a joke, no one really, like, did anything, and it was like, oh wait, then it got crazy and there were ponies, it was really bizarre!"