Miley Cyrus Urban Outfitters twitter rant There's no doubt that Miley Cyrus is a slave to fashion but who's one retailer that she has no tolerance for? Hipster Mecca, Urban Outfitters. After word that the chain stole a jewelry design from a lesser-known artist, Cyrus took to Twitter to let the skinny jean paradise hear her roar (via Celebuzz).

"Love that everybody is hating on Urban Outfitters," Cyrus tweeted. "Not only do they steal from artists but every time you give them money, you help finance a campaign against gay equality," she continued to tweet with the hashtag 'SHADYASHELL.'

In her Twitter rant, Cyrus sites the recent claim that Urban Outfitters jacked the design behind necklaces shaped like varying states from independent artist, Stevie Koerner, who sells her designs on