Last year's 'American Idol' winner, Lee DeWyze, was absent from the stage during the season finale episode this week, and although he appeared on the series earlier this spring, he played no part in crowning new Idol Scotty McCreery.

Eagle-eyed viewers could spot DeWyze sitting in the audience at the Nokia Theater. But Ryan Seacrest never singled him out to let fans know the most recent 'Idol' was even in the house.

Why the snub? In years past, the champ from the previous cycle passed the torch with a performance, but this season seems to have ended in a feud.

Prior to the live broadcast, DeWyze hinted at trouble in this tweet: "Hey guys, no I'm not performing at the Finale. I wasn't asked to."

But 'Idol' producer Nigel Lythgoe soon gave the night's events a slightly different spin, casting DeWyze as an unwilling participant.