Charlie Sheen isn't the only one stressing out over 'Two and a Half Men.'

A viewer in New York City named Freddy Caldwell was arrested on Friday, after allegedly making bomb threats to a TV station for airing too many reruns of the troubled sitcom.

Much of the caller's motive remains unknown. Did he dislike seeing the show in general, or just headline-making Sheen? Were substances, such as alcohol (or tiger blood?), behind the threats? Will Chuck Lorre remark on the bomb scare in his vanity card, once the revamped series returns with Ashton Kutcher?

What cops do know, according to the Hollywood Reporter, is that on two separate occasions this month, May 11 and May 23, Caldwell phoned WPIX-11 and allegedly threatened to blow up the station's headquarters if any more syndicated 'Two and a Half Men' reruns aired.

Police (winning!) traced the calls to the man's home in the Bronx, and Caldwell was charged with "falsely reporting an incident and aggravated harassment."