Jeff Conaway death autopsyIn order to lay to rest not only the beloved Jeff Conaway but also rumors that "foul play" had any presence in the 'Taxi' star's death, his family has insisted on an autopsy. Conaway's history of substance dependency had many assuming the 60-year-old actor's death was the result of an overdose.

"Jeff's sisters, Michelle and Carla wanted to have the autopsy done to rule out any foul play involving the death," a source told Radar Online. "There is no evidence that there was, but they wanted to be certain."

Conaway's ex-fiancée, Vikki Spinoza, has also been the subject of some suspicion surrounding the actor's death -- Spinoza was banned from visiting Conaway in the hospital during his last days due to a restraining order put in place by his family. During their relationship, Conaway accused Spinoza of injecting him with painkillers at their LA home before intentionally igniting a police bust.