SnookiIt looks like Nicole 'Snooki' Polizzi's run in with the law was a little more serious than we thought. Or was it?

Although it seems she may be off the hook for now, the reality star made headlines after colliding with a cop car in Florence yesterday. The incident, which sent two officers to the hospital, sparked rumors of her arrest but the guidette merely had to file an accident report. It has also been reported that the officers' injuries were not serious, and both Snooki and co-star Deena Cortese, who was a passenger at the time of the accident, refused medical treatment.

Then why the neck brace? It seems like this unfortunate incident is going to be a highlight of the fourth season the cast is currently filming for the hit series 'Jersey Shore.' Camera crews were following Snooki around while she walked the streets of Florence with the brace around her neck, before ripping it off in laughter.

Looks like the jokes on us?