Oscar-winning actress Halle Berry could be coming to a small screen near you. It's been reported that she's attached to star in a drama project currently being shopped around pay cable networks like HBO and Showtime.

According to Deadline.com, DreamWorks TV has sent out a spec for the project -- entitled 'Higher Learning' -- to several pay cable networks, and is hoping for a quick decision. Details are sketchy right now, but the TV drama would see Berry starring as a college professor.

The script was written by 30-year industry veteran Lee Rose, who was queen of TV movies in their heyday during the 1990s. Since then Rose has worked as a director and producer on series such as 'Weeds,' 'Related,' 'Haven' and 'Greek.'

Berry got her TV acting start in 'Who's the Boss?' spin-off show, 'Living Dolls,' in the late '80s, before moving into guest spots on series including 'A Different World' and 'Knots Landing.' She came to prominence with her starring role in the TV miniseries 'Queen' and the rest, as they say, is show business history.