The British are coming for 'Burn Notice!' It's been announced that both Gavin Rossdale will be keeping their compatriot Gabrielle Anwar company in the upcoming Season 5.

'Entertainment Weekly' reports that Bush frontman Rossdale (and husband of Gwen Stefani) will appear in the eighth episode, playing the villainous Armand, a wealthy and powerful man "with a hand in nefarious projects all over the world." Fiona (Anwar) asks him for help, but he'll only lend a hand if she helps him with a major heist job.

NCIS' alum David Dayan Fisher, who has a recurring role on 'NCIS' as C.I.A. agent Trent Kort, is set to play an ambitious and ruthless mercenary in the same episode.

Although Rossdale's often best known these days for being Gwen Stefani's husband, he's quietly carved out an acting career with small roles in movies like 'Constantine' and 'Zoolander.'