After canceling five shows last week, British singer Adele was forced to cancel the remaining dates of her North American tour due to sickness, the Associated Press reports. The 23-year-old singer is suffering from laryngitis.

In a statement released Friday, the 'Rolling in the Deep' singer said she is "really frustrated" but "there is absolutely nothing I an do but take the doctor's advice and rest some more."

Adele pulled out of a show in Salt Lake City on May 29 on short notice, before postponing gigs in Vancouver, Seattle and Portland. Her tour was set to resume in San Francisco on June 4.

After canceling shows last week, she posted the following on her blog: "I hate to cancel, especially at such short notice. I am truly devastated. I'm here in the city and tried to do sound check at the venue, but if I push through it tonight, it'll take me longer to get better and more shows may need cancelling. Please forgive me!"