It makes sense. AC/DC frontman Brian Johnson, the man who first growled "She was a fast machine, she kept her motor clean" 31 years ago, loves-loves-loves cars. Enough, in fact, to take time out from his duties in one of the most testosterone-fueled bands in rock history to write a book using his car memories to help tell his life story. 'Rockers and Rollers: A Full-Throttle Memoir' is a hilarious read and I told Johnson that right off the bat in a chat for PopEater. But after talking about his favorite cars and man's phallic fascination with them, the gravel-voiced charmer opened up about the future of AC/DC as they approach the big 4-0, reveals the story of his signature newsboy hat, and talks up his connection to Arnold Schwarzenegger, his distaste for religion and why he would never follow fellow Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame-er Steven Tyler to TV talent show stardom.

"I don't watch 'American Idol,'" he admits. "I don't like watching people getting humiliated. It hurts me. Some people are more nervous than others. I'm just terrified these shows might knock the stuffing out of a guy who is nervous. It's toe curling watching those people being told they're not good enough and the tears are mawkish, but it's making somebody a bloody fortune and it's certainly not the artists."