jennifer aniston new manWhatever will we do if one day Jennifer Aniston finally gets it right and we can't bemoan the love life of "Poor Jen" any longer? That day may have finally arrived; it's time to find a new sad-relationship-sack, America.

Jen's latest beau, actor and screenwriter Justin Theroux, who reportedly met her friends a week ago, might actually be the perfect man to be the next Mr. Aniston. Here's why:

1. He's age appropriate. At 39 to Jen's 42, this isn't another May-December fling.

2. He's just the right amount of famous. Justin isn't more renowned than Jen, which could be a self-esteem blow, but he does have a certain amount of fame cache, so he gets Jen's world. "I like that he's a successful guy who is comfortable behind the scenes," says relationship and dating coach Tracey Steinberg. "Jen gets a lot of media attention and I'd hate for her to be with a man who tried to compete with her for the spotlight. It sounds to me like a good match and hope it works out for them."