The Cadbury chocolate company has now issued an official apology for an advertisement that named -- and offended -- supermodel Naomi Campbell.

The controversial print ad paired Cadbury's Bliss chocolate bar with text that instantly drew fire from Campbell. The London-born fashionista, 41, threatened to sue after the ad appeared in U.K. newspapers last month.

"Move over, Naomi, there's a new diva in town," the advertisement reads. "I'm the world's most pampered bar."

Campbell was not amused.

"I am shocked," she said, according to the U.K.'s Independent. "It's upsetting to be described as chocolate, not just for me, but for all black women and black people. I do not find any humour in this. It is insulting and hurtful."

The hot-tempered style icon, who once assaulted her maid and has twice pleaded guilty to assault, said she'd consider "every option available" to fight Cadbury over the ad, while civil rights activists planned a boycott of the brand.

Campbell's mother, Valerie Morris, spoke out: "I'm deeply upset....Do these people think they can insult black people and we just take it? This is the 21st century, not the 1950's. Shame on Cadbury."

The beloved British candy maker, owned by American megabrand Kraft, has since yanked the ad; a Cadbury rep insists it will never be put back into circulation. But has the new statement of remorse ended the drama?