Jennifer Lopez Sex Tape haltedAfter duking it out in court with her ex-husband, Ojani Noa, and his girlfriend, Claudia Vasquez, Jennifer Lopez is finally on the sex tape battle scoreboard 1-1. Noa and Vasquez attempted to sell a steamy sex tape made by the ex-couple on their honeymoon in 1997, prompting Lopez to put on her boxing gloves.

Now, to some avail, an LA County Superior Court Judge has granted Lopez a restraining order against Vasquez, who, according to TMZ, technically owns the tape. The judge temporarily shot down a bid for the tape, citing that the 'On the Floor' singer must sign off on the video if it is to be released. We have a feeling that Lopez is fresh out of ink.

Although Vasquez argued that there is no proof that she actually attempted to sell the tape, the judge isn't buying it. Before Noa "sold" the tape to Vasquez, he had reportedly been offered millions of dollars for footage of the ex-couple's steamy romp.