Paul Reiser has joked that his recent debacle with NBC was just an expensive media blitz for his third book, 'Familyhood,' and in a way he's right. Being axed by the last-place network after only two episodes gave the 'Mad About You' actor a pedestal to A) Rip on his former bosses and, B) Bring up his latest tome, which is you guessed it ... about being a dad to Ezra and Leon (ages 15 and 11). Reiser's previous books were about marriage and becoming a dad. He spoke to PopEater about his new book, being an embarrassing father to his boys and his disappointment in being given the gong so quickly at the network he made millions for. His theory for why the Peacock-ers gave up on 'The Paul Reiser Show'?

"Literally, it could not have been a less opportune moment," to air a new show, he says. "It was bought by some people and then the entire network was sold so there was no real investment on anybody's part ... all shows are moving parts on their chessboard, they don't get particularly attached."