Kim KardashianKim Kardashian is coming off arguably one of her best month's ever. She is newly engaged to beau Kris Humphries, her family's hit reality series 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians' returns this weekend, and she has been gracing the covers of magazines all over the world.

Well, something had to give.

The starlet debuted her new fragrance earlier today, at Debenahms in London and for the first time in many week all eyes weren't on her 20.5 carat engagement ring. Kardashian wore an interesting ensemble and we can't help but wonder what she was thinking.

A purple and orange color combination is one thing, but the fit is really where the fashion crime has been committed. The gold belted pencil skirt certainly serves the purpose of accentuating her derrière, but the midriff revealing top is anything but flattering. Plus the twist at the bust gives weird proportions to the petite star.

It can't have been easy to make that gigantic rock the last thing we noticed about her look, but somehow she managed to do it.