UPDATE 4:19 pm | A spokesperson for In Touch tells PopEater, "We stand by our story."

At first it reads like your classic everyday tabloid story. Kim Kardashian, newly engaged, has been caught cheating with a hunky football star. P'shaw, right? The difference: The "other man" is the one doing the talking, not the anonymous "close friend" that seems to pop up in other stories. New England Patriots star Bret Lockett (amazingly) tells In Touch Weekly in their newest issue that Kardashian "pursued me" before and, according to the report, after she began dating now-fiance Kris Humphries.

"I knew this was a game to her, and this is what she does," Lockett is quoted as saying. With the help of Lockett's brother, Colin, the report tells of a flirtatious texting relationship that began when he was told by Kim's friend, Lauren London, that the reality star wanted the footballers number. Colin handed over the digits and before long, "They chatted, and then they started texting each other."

Naturally, the reality starlet is already fighting back.

"The story is absolutely not true," Kardashian's rep tells PopEater. "Kim has no idea who this guy is and is preparing to take legal action."