ShakiraColombian songstress Shakira has been out of our sights since the 2010 release of 'Sale el Sol' which features a reggaeton-meringue tune called 'Rabiosa,' literally meaning rabid.

Now Shakira is back with a brand-new video for 'Rabiosa' portraying the singer as a party-going brunette with a French bob cut.

"Oh ya papi, you're like a mocha / Come get a little closer and bite me en la boca" sings Shakira in her signature Spanglish style, backed up by the barking rhymes of Pitbull. Apparently mocha coffee drinks induce that foam-at-the-mouth kind of lust.

In the video, Shakira walks into a party full of silly-string and confetti-flinging fun. Oh yeah -- and Shakira does a pole dance in lingerie.