Anthony Weiner Ben Affleck Anthony Weiner is the last person who should be handing out do's and don'ts, now that he's the subject of the infamous "Weinergate" scandal, but that wasn't always the case, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The photogenic New York Congressman was the go-to guy for Ben Affleck when the actor was researching his role for the 2009 flick, 'State of Play.'

During the time Affleck spent with Weiner, hoping to flesh out his on-screen character by shadowing the real-life politician, the pair formed a genuine friendship, embarking on several dinner dates and sharing ideas about their respective political aspirations.

"There is something beautiful about a politician who is a real fighter," Affleck said of Weiner in a 2009 interview with The New York Times. "Anthony is a guy who hits so hard and so clean."