It doesn't take much to anger a typical New Yorker, so imagine just how pissed the crowd of thousands were after waiting in sweltering heat for six hours -- then two more in the rain -- and then being told that the Black Eyed Peas concert in Central Park simply was not happening.

"What, Will.I.Am can't play in the rain? Is Fergie's hair gonna get wet," said Queens resident Brian Moriarty, 26, who lined up with his girlfriend at 3 p.m. hoping to get a prime general admission spot close to the stage.

The pre-show festivities with performances by Taylor Swift, Carole King and Tony Bennett were scheduled to start at 5 but were delayed due to bad weather, leaving folks like Moriarty stranded in the sopping wet heat. Gates were finally opened to concert-goers at 7:45, but once fans had finally settled into the park the police department announced they were shutting everything down due to lightning.