When a pot comic quits pot, are they still a pot comic? That's a question facing 'Mr. Show' and 'Just Shoot Me' actor-comedian Brian Posehn after recently dropping the habit, a move he attributes to fatherhood and wanting to get healthy and be "clear-headed for a while."

"I quit," he told Marc Maron on his popular WTF podcast. "It's weird because I'm the pot comic. Like, I've just had to do shows talking about getting high with the audience. I said, I have to make it through this. I don't want to be this guy anymore, and I don't like the way it makes me feel."

The nerdish metal head, who most recently played half of a gay couple on 'The Sarah Silverman Program,' taped the podcast a while back and said on Twitter this week that he's "three months in and feeling better."

Why would one of the nation's most popular pot comics, others include Doug Benson, Jim Breuer and Bill Maher, give up something that has peppered his stand-up for years?

"I wanna get healthy, but also I don't want to have that talk [with his child]," he said. "That's part of it, but then uh, I also hated who I was. I hated that that became my thing."