In sad news, Jack White, frontman of the now defunct White Stripes and the mastermind behind The Raconteurs and The Dead Weather, is splitting up with his wife Karen Elson. White met the British model/singer when she appeared in the music video for the White Stripes single 'Blue Orchid.' The pair married in June 2005 in Brazil and went on to have two children, Scarlett Teresa and Henry Lee.

In an interesting twist, the news doesn't come across as particularly sad for White, 35, and Elson, 32. Instead of the high-priced lawyers, courtroom drama and custody battles that have become synonymous with a celebrity split, the quirky twosome has instead decided to throw a party celebrating their six-year anniversary and their impending divorce. The event, which is open only to close friends and family ("no plus ones or dead beats"), will take place tonight (June 10) at a secret location in Nashville, Tenn. The couple has lived in Nashville since they were married.