Happy Anniversary to one of the great teen comedies of all time, 'Ferris Bueller's Day Off.' In honor of today's 25-year milestone, our pals at Moviefone had a chat with Edie McClurg -- who played the hit film's hilarious school secretary Grace -- about working with Matthew Broderick, Jeffrey Jones and the late John Hughes. Turns out, she's a righteous dude.

What makes 'Ferris Bueller's Day Off' so timeless?
McClurg: I think it's the anarchy of taking the day off, and how much fun you can have. He wasn't a bad kid. It was a beautiful day and they knew they'd be going to different schools after they graduated. It's the end of the semester. You know how you get itchy. I think that's what people really identify with.

Matthew Broderick and Alan Ruck had been in the Broadway production of 'Biloxi Blues' together. They knew each other so well. It was a long run on Broadway, so they became very close friends. When the movie came up, Matthew had a good reputation already, and he suggested Alan for the best friend role and it was perfect. The people who played his mom and dad, they actually met and got married.

In the scene where you list all the different groups of kids who like Ferris, was it hard to keep from laughing?
Well, it was very hard to memorize that list, so I had put "and" in between, you know, to try and pair them up. I really had to concentrate when I was doing that....I said "the dweebies and dickheads, sportos and bloods" because that was the way I was able to memorize it, and I had to take out the "ands." [Hughes] said, "No, no, just the list." I did it in one take.