In addition to Ferris Bueller turning 25 yesterday, this weekend marked another major movie milestone. It's been 30 years (yes, thirty!) since the release of 'Raiders of the Lost Ark,' starring Harrison Ford.

Ford, you may have heard, increased his fame just a little bit after springboarding from 'Star Wars' to the smash-hit Indiana Jones franchise. The actor, 68, was recently seen accepting a highly legitimate trophy called Most 'Manticipated' Movie at Spike TV's Guys Choice Awards, for his upcoming release 'Cowboys & Aliens.'

To honor the 30-year anniversary of 'Raiders,' Moviefone unearthed a treasure trove of trivia. Here are 30 facts about the legendary 1981 action-adventure directed by Steven Spielberg.

1. Casting Indiana Jones was not easy. Harrison Ford was hired less than three weeks before principal photography began.

2. Many 'Raiders' fans know Tom Selleck was the first choice for the lead. Did you know Jeff Bridges was offered the role, and turned it down? Other actors considered for Indy: Nick Nolte, Steve Martin, Bill Murray, Chevy Chase, Tim Matheson, Nick Mancuso, Peter Coyote, and Jack Nicholson, all of whom would have made for a very different film.

3. 'Raiders' was born while producer George Lucas and Spielberg built sandcastles on a Hawaiian beach where both were vacationing the year 'Star Wars' opened. Spielberg wanted to make a James Bond film, but Lucas had a better idea, something called 'Raiders of the Lost Ark.'

4. The hero's original name? Indiana Smith. It changed on the first day of production when Spielberg told Lucas "Smith" didn't sound right, and suggested "Jones" instead.

5. Indy's well-worn leather jacket was actually brand new. The costume director "aged" each coat (there were 10 in all) with a metal brush and Ford's own pocket knife. Indy's trademark fedora was new, too: It came from Savile Row of London, and various cast members (including Ford) took turns sitting on it, to make it look as battered as possible.