The biggest night on Broadway didn't disappoint, and it's really no surprise. With Neil Patrick Harris as host, a great group of nominated shows, and a musical that provided its own jokes (we're looking at you, 'Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark'), the 65th Annual Tony Awards was a smash hit for theater lovers.

According to E! Online, Harris hit the nail on the head when he proclaimed at the top of the show, "'s not just for gays anymore!" And such was the theme for the evening.

Harris shined in his hosting duties, from an entertaining opening number -- which even included a bonus line flub by Brooke Shields -- to a "host-off' with pal and past host Hugh Jackman.

The 'Spider-Man' jokes did surface but were not thankfully overwhelming, with Bono and The Edge taking the jabs in stride.

"We used to be famous for being in U2," Bono joked while onstage presenting a number from their show. The Edge added: "In rock and roll, deadlines are just the lies your manager tells you to get you back on the bus."

But who were the big winners of the night?