From Angelina Jolie's maternal instincts to Madonna's desperate attempt to recapture her youth, PopEater brings you the sartorial successes and big messes from the red carpets of Hollywood with our weekly Fashion Police.

This week, we're fortunate enough to get a wide cross-section of Hollywood, ranging from A-listers like Nicole Kidman to the out-there folks like Carrot Top. It's tough to give you a preview of what Kidman is wearing, since we here at FP don't have the first clue what it is. It's as if someone had a concept in their head of two different gowns, and then mashed them together. Add the lavender shoes and it just becomes a mess of mismatched colors and styles.

We also feature a daring Marcia Gay Harden, a stunning Gisele Bundchen and a what-in-the-heck-was-she-thinking Kim Kardashian. Enjoy!