Gene SimmonsThere were some very uncomfortable moments on 'Today' this morning, and despite all of Kathie Lee Gifford's attempts to lighten the mood, there is no denying the tension between Gene Simmons and longtime partner Shannon Tweed.

Gifford asked Simmons if he were in "deep pooky" and if by that she means deep trouble, then the answer is absolutely a yes. Tweed's responses during the interview lead us to believe that these two are on the very rockiest of roads.

The interview centered around Simmons' infidelities, starting with a photo of him with other women. "Oh, kill me now," Simmons said, fiddling with his collar. Tweed looked angry to be there. Hoda Kotb asked Simmons about his assertion that he didn't know the women except from that photo. "Please," said Tweed. "What he means is he didn't know their names."