Kat Williams arrested tractorRapper and comedian, Kat Williams got himself into a tractor load of trouble this weekend after an unusual vehicle standoff with exactly that -- a tractor. On Saturday afternoon, a man who was working at a Palmdale, California home where Williams was staying was driving a tractor on the premises before being pelted with rocks by three women, TMZ reports.

After sustaining several facial wounds from the stoning, the worker called his wife to pick him up from the home but when she arrived, Williams pulled up in his SUV to block the exit and prevent the pair from leaving the premises.

The man then called 911 -- when police arrived they arrested the three female attackers for assault with a deadly weapon and also booked Williams with intimidating a witness. But Williams didn't spend too much time in the slammer, thinking about how he may have been able to better handle the situation -- he was released later that evening on $50,000 bail.