Taylor Momsen flash breast photosIf Taylor Momsen was looking to distance herself from her fame-making 'Gossip Girl' character, then she's done it -- tenfold.

The actress turned raccoon-eyed rock chick turned heads at her Leicestershire, England concert during which she flashed her bare -- except for two strategically placed pieces of X marks the spot duct tape -- breasts to her audience.

The 17-year-old Pretty Reckless singer wore a black t-shirt with cut-out arm holes that exposed her breasts entirely -- the exhibitionist wasn't even trying to play coy with her blatant wardrobe malfunction. But for the girl who's all about letting her music speak for itself, she makes it hard to let her lyrics trickle through her sensational showmanship.

Momsen may want to rethink her strategy to make it big in the music world -- at least until she's legal.