FergieAging in the public eye can't be easy, but when you are beautiful, talented, wildly successful and have a handsome and loving husband by your side, maybe you can take it all in stride. That seems to be exactly what Fergie is doing.

She graces the July cover of Allure magazine and opens up her age in the spotlight saying, "I'm definitely young at heart, and I always will be, I'm just trying to age gracefully."

When asked about her body she said, "I gain and lose weight everywhere from the thighs up. I think people think that I'm pregnant sometimes because my weight fluctuates. "

But the songstress is human, just like the rest of us, "my problem is my discipline. I see a Jack in the Box or a DelTaco, and I will impulsively want it. I'm a work in progress in that area."

Pick up the new issue of Allure to see what else Fergie has to say.