In May of last year, Sarah Ferguson was once again embroiled in scandal when she was caught attempting to sell access to her ex-husband, Prince Andrew. Brought to her knees financially, Fergie reached out to Oprah Winfrey. After promising the Queen of TV she would not do 'Dancing With the Stars' (and a cooking show in Australia), the cash-strapped Duchess of York agreed to do her own show, 'Finding Sarah,' on Oprah's fledgling network, OWN.

"It is one thing for Oprah to offer up Dr. Phil and Suzie Orman to help the Duchess, it's another to convince her to document the entire journey on camera," a friend of Sarah's tells me. "You have to wonder who is helping who in this situation. Is Oprah trying to help her network get viewers by exploiting Sarah or is she genuinely trying to get the Duchess help?"