Tracy Morgan found himself in hot water last week after he reportedly went on a homophobic and sexist rant during a stand-up show in Nashville, Tenn. Now, after issuing several public apologies for his tirade and speaking with GLAAD, the '30 Rock' star is reportedly headed back to the place where the drama all started.

According to Us Weekly, Morgan will visit Nashville next week to personally apologize to the people he offended during what was supposed to be comedy show. In the rant, made public thanks to Facebook, the actor made several anti-gay and sexist comments, prompting his apology late last week.

After drawing fire from the media and his '30 Rock' co-stars, including Tina Fey, Morgan told GLAAD president Jarrett Barrios he's committed to making a change. He promised to meet with LGBT youth from the Ali Forney Center in New York City who have been hurt or made homeless due to parental rejection, and he'll meet with those who have lost family members due to anti-gay violence.