kristin chenoweth baby adoptionAlthough she's little, coming in at 4'11,' Kristin Chenoweth is one brave babe -- she's thinking about going it alone when it comes to the parenting front. The 42-year-old vocal powerhouse and 'Glee' guest favorite, April, isn't going to wait around for a man to make her dreams of making a family come true.

"I'd like to do it with a partner," she told E! Online. "I'd like to do it when I get married, but if that doesn't happen and I still feel that desire, I would definitely consider adopting. Absolutely."

Chenoweth, who was adopted, herself, and raised in Oklahoma, was linked to award-winning 'Social Network' director, Aaron Sorkin before the pair called it quits. And although we can't imagine it would be difficult for the petite blond bombshell to score a man, Chenoweth does have certain tests her guys have to pass.