Seven years ago, Tatum O'Neal published 'A Paper Life,' a shockingly honest memoir in which she recounted her Hollywood childhood, dysfunctional relationship with her father Ryan and her descent into drug addiction which caused her to lose custody of her three children with ex-husband John McEnroe. Now O'Neal, 47, has released 'Found: A Daughter's Journey Home,' and in it she recounts her near-relapse into drugs, a life-altering arrest and her attempt to repair a fractured relationship with a man stuck in the past. O'Neal opened up to me about her frayed ties with Ryan, plus her motivation for spending more time with him ("he's getting older and all alone" since Farrah Fawcett's death) despite his lack of a filter and history of hurting her. "He's only comfortable, I would say, with women who are much younger and so in some way I must threaten him," she said. "My Dad's chosen to be in a certain time zone and not evolve past it."

We also get into other ways she's repaired her life, including "amazing" relationships with her kids, overcoming her problem with other women, her prayers for half-brother Redmond and how her 2008 arrest for crack cocaine possession "embarrassed me enough to scare me straight."