Both Jennifer Aniston and new beau Justin Theroux have been spotted out and about wearing matching gold rings on their wedding fingers, sparking everyone to wonder just what they're up to.

According to, the new couple was out in New York City Wednesday with their new bling -- and matching gold watches -- in the open for every photographer to snap up, practically begging the rumor mill to start swirling with marriage stories.

So have wedding bells been ringing or is this just a publicity stunt to draw attention away from claims Aniston stole Theroux away from his girlfriend of 14 years? There's been no word from their reps on their new accessories, so we'll just have to wait and see.

Aniston and Theroux met last October on the set of their film, 'Wanderlust.' They went public with their relationship earlier this month, and Us Weekly is reporting Theroux has moved into Aniston's L.A. home.