Nicki Minaj's ample "assets" have long been a topic of discussion, and now comes more word that her body parts may not be real.

Ice-T's wife, Coco revealed in an interview with Perez Hilton that as far as she knows, Minaj is rocking a fake derriere because the rapper admitted so. "Well, I read that it wasn't. I thought that she came out with it. I heard it from her," the 31-year-old told Hilton.

Sensing that she may have said too much, Coco quickly backtracked. "Okay I don't know... We're not even going to go there anymore. You know what I say about a lot of stylists that work with me... They work with me, they touch my body, they're doing stuff all day long. So they're doing that same thing to Nicki Minaj and they're saying a little bit different."