Lady Gaga's last few music videos were huge productions, complete with group dance numbers, Biblical references and outrageous outfits. So how does the video for 'Edge of Glory' stack up compared to the earlier singles from Gaga's 'Born This Way' album?

Gaga tones down the crazy -- at least by her standards -- for the '80s-inspired power ballad, and really gets her money's worth out of a fog machine. From singing on a fire escape and sitting on a city stoop to walking down an empty street at night (or should we say New York City-themed studio lot?), Gaga fittingly pays homage to the classic 80s music videos of yore, as well as her time living in NYC's East Village.

E Street Band saxophonist Clarence Clemons, who recently suffered a stroke, also appears in the video alongside Gaga, delivering some smooth sax sounds just as he does on the record.