Justin Bieber Chris BrownAmerica's favorite heartthrob has teamed up with resident bad boy and the result? One very intense music video.

Justin Bieber joined Chris Brown on his newest single, 'Next 2 You,' creating a post-apocalyptic world that will make teenage girls swoon. But is it a little too intense?

The car crashes and explosions are a far cry from Bieber's normal bubble gum pop but one thing remains, a lucky young lady who gets to be the love interest of the 'Baby' singer. Actress Shannon Elizabeth makes a guest appearance as Brown's lady of choice.

With all the teen stars, like Miley Cyrus for instance, who are trying so hard to stray from their squeaky clean ways, could Bieber be doing the same? Or is he just trying to make some good music?

Check out the new video of 'Next 2 You' below!