In 'Judy Moody and the Not Bummer Summer,' Heather Graham plays the wacky but way-cool Aunt Opal, helping the mussed-up haired title character in a special quest. The 41-year-old star's journey in Hollywood has also been pretty quirk filled, and she's been working non-stop for what seems like an eternity, popping up in 'Growing Pains' in 1987 and then a long string of films from 'Drugstore Cowboy,' 'Boogie Nights' and the mother-load, 'The Hangover.' She spoke to PopEater about being an auntie, her slight disappointment at not being cast in the 'Hangover' sequel, and why she thinks directors look to her to play strippers, triple-x actresses and the like.

"The subject of sexuality is definitely fascinating to me," she tells me. "I think also men like to write these characters in scripts. So if a man can write the part of a lesbian prostitute who's into porno, they're writing it in! Like, I want to do a movie about the survivors of the triangle shirtwaist factory fire and how they were empowered through their tragedy."