Although Nick Lachey wasn't allowed anywhere near his bride-to-be, Vanessa Minnillo's Las Vegas bachelorette party, that doesn't mean he wasn't there -- Minnillo and her friends were serenaded by a Nick Lachey impersonator. The only difference? The impersonator may have lacked Lachey's silky smooth vocals and he was also a little person, according to Us magazine.

But the presence of her hubby's mini double didn't prevent Minnillo, 30, from letting loose before she heads down the aisle.

"I'm about to get married. I'm about to get a ball and chain ... but not yet and tonight's my bachelorette party!" Minnillo screamed into the DJ's microphone at LAVO.

The bachelorette was then serenaded by the impersonator who proceeded to tear off his shirt and perform renditions of Lachey's band, 98 Degrees', greatest hits.