She's back! Conservative (and controversial) author and columnist Ann Coulter has a new book out called 'Demonic: How the Liberal Mob Is Endangering America.' It's a delightful tale about a teenage girl from Washington State who falls maddeningly in love with a centenarian vampire who's totally dreamy and ... wait, you say that's 'Twilight'? Right! In 'Demonic,' Coulter sets out to portray American liberalism as the result of mob mentality and traces this behavior back to the French Revolution. As you can imagine she once again does not have kind words for the left, President Obama or Anthony Weiner. She spoke to PopEater (I know, right?) about the origins of the book, then slams conspiracy theories around Sarah Palin and admits to at least two things Obama has done right. And she has a theory as to why you don't see quite as much of her on this publicity tour.

"Danger! Danger, don't read this book!" is the usual reaction from the "liberal media" to her books, she says. "They've tried that with me through seven books and it hasn't worked, so they've turned from maligning me as counter-revolutionary to, okay, we can't do that so we'll just ignore her."