Paris Hilton Nicole RichieFrom BFFs to frenemies to nemeses, it looks like Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton may be making their way back to the former -- or at least they're doing a pretty good job of faking it. The pair both attended a Hollywood event on Tuesday where they were all smiles upon greeting one another.

Hilton and Richie were the best of friends, and among the original reality show few, whose quirky friendship had viewers rolling in laughter on 'The Simple Life.' But as with everything else in La La Land, things changed with the drop of a hat and before we knew it, it was Team Nicole versus Team Paris. The feuding duo made Heidi Montag and Lauren Conrad's future battle of the blonds look like no more than a kindergarten tiff.

Although we're sure mom of two, Richie, is more than busy with her little ones, we have a feeling that Hilton could use a friend now more than ever -- the heiress recently announced her split from boyfriend of over a year, Cy Waits.